If you love slots then you are well catered for at all online casino venues. This is because slots are number one and have been for a while now. Other forms of gambling are being left behind by this gambling juggernaut – play here. Slots are hi-tech and now there are hundreds of variations of the slot game concept and each new release pushes the boundaries out further and further. 

The world of bingo remains steady in popularity but the changes here have been on a smaller scale. However, there are variations on the original bingo game and most can be found online. A genius move has been to mix two popular forms of gambling together. What happens if you mix bingo with slots? Well you end up with Slingo of course. Slingo is a popular slot and bingo hybrid. This combines the popularity of slots with bingo and it comes as no surprise that it has become a real winner with punters. 

Mixing Bingo and Slots Together 

As already mentioned, Slingo is the best of both worlds and is aimed at slot and bingo lovers. It offers a taste of bingo with a hint of slots, all in one game and it has proved popular with the bingo and slots playing public. 

The Perfect Partners 

Slingo utilizers aspects of 75-ball bingo but the twist is that it contains a slot element. The gameplay is similar to bingo and it uses a 5 x 5 number grid. The slot reels are placed below this grid. Whilst playing the game, there is just one space on each slot machine reel that remains visible to the player. All players have to do, is spin the reels below the number grid and then check to see if they have matched any numbers from the reels. 

However, there are some extra symbols added to this game that helps liven things up. These extra symbols are what make Slingo such an enjoyable game. These symbols can also win you some extra prizes and bonuses. Classic Slingo can have a Joker, Gold Coin, Super Joker and Free Spins symbols added to the reels. When you stake cash on Slingo you receive a fixed number of spins. Slingo games also award you points as you play. 

Although there are variations in Slingo game prizes, points are a common theme and can be awarded for matching a line of numbers, or all the numbers on your grid. Other prizes are awarded for landing Coin symbols and Jokers or Super Jokers. 

Special Symbols Explained 

A Joker symbol allows you to tick off any number on the grid. A Super Joker allows you to tick off a number anywhere on the grid. Three or more Jokers or Super Jokers win you an instant cash prize. Free Spin icons give you one free spin and the Coin wins you an instant cash prize. 

Final Thoughts 

Slingo is a very clever creation but will it steer bingo players to slots or slot lovers to bingo?

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