When you look at all the games available to play in the casino industry at the moment it can also be somewhat like reading through a history book. On the one hand, you have the long-standing players in the game such as blackjack that has been around for several hundreds of years, whereas on the other are fairly modern games like roulette that have only been played for a couple of hundred years at absolute most – play here slot sites.

Of all of these casino games, it is the slots that are the newest face, and slots are also by far the most popular of all the casino games these days, something that is largely down to the invention of online slots at the beginning of the 21st century. Online slots completely and utterly changed the game upon their release, with a variety of things like wacky themes and crazy bonus features enticing gamblers like never before. Sticky bonuses are just one of these things, read ahead for an article exploring sticky bonus features in slot games.  

A brief history of slot bonus features 

So then, when did slot bonus features actually come about? Because they sure weren’t present on the very first slot machines created by the likes of Charles D. Fey. In fact, his famous Liberty Bell machine certainly didn’t have anything like the modern bonus features you would see today, and we wonder whether the instrumental Californian engineer behind it would have ever even considered the possibility of bonus features. 

In fact, slot bonus features as we know them today didn’t really exist until the invention of video slots in the 1980s, as without this technology it was a lot more difficult for slot machine creators to actually insert the bonus features into their games. 

What is a sticky slot bonus feature? 

We have talked a little about what slot bonus features are, but what exactly does a sticky bonus feature mean? Well, in many ways the answer is right there in front of you, a sticky slot bonus feature is much like a normal slot bonus feature, however, it can “stick” on the reels in a way that other bonus features simply cannot. 

Let’s take sticky wild slot bonus features, for instance. With a sticky wild the icon can remain on the reels for much longer than just one spin, with being stuck in a position in order to help you benefit from the next several spins. 

The history of sticky slot bonus features 

Sticky slot bonus features simply did not exist before the 1980s, and this is because they were not possible without the technology that made video slots possible. You cannot keep one icon on a physical set of reels stuck whilst the other spins, and this is the reason why. 

Sticky slot bonus features really came into their own after the emergence of online slots, where developers finally had a platform on which they could very easily create sticky bonus features.

What is next for sticky slot bonus features 

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