Watamu Beach; White sands, low tides

Thought I would take a bit of a break from the Marsabit County series and blog about my favorite coastal destination, Watamu.  My last post on Watamu was about the marine park (http://www.safari254.com/watamu-marine-park/).

Watamu is a small town located approximately 105 km north of Mombasa and about 15 km south of Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It lies on a small headland, between the Blue Lagoon and Watamu Bay. Its main economic activities are tourism and fishing.

Sunrises are magical and the ones at Watamu are no different. This time I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. Hopefully you’ll see why I love Watamu.

Watamu beach_first sunrise

I took this picture last year, it was such a cloudy morning but the sunrise was breathtaking. The sun is hiding some place behind those clouds.


Watamu beach_hemmingways site

Image courtesy of Hemingways.

Watamu beach_hemmingways main

My hotel.


Watamu beach_chairs hemingway

It was a windy morning


Watamu beach_emerald sea

Image courtesy of Hemingways.

Watamu beach

The landscape of Watamu beaches is amazing: characterized by long sugar white sandy beaches and emerald sea.


Watamu beach_hemingways


Watamu beach_sunise at hemingways balcony


Watamu beach_hemmingways dawn

Just as the sun was beginning to rise…

I was seated all alone outside the room. It was one of the most tranquil moments ever. The only person who passed by was a security guard who was curious as to why I was up so early.

Watamu beach_sunrise view balcony seats


Watamu beach_sunrise

This is probably my favorite picture of the sunrise that morning. It does look surreal, doesn’t it?

After visiting the turtle rescue centre (a post for a another day) I spent most of the day just lazing around

Watamu beach_pool at hemingways


Watamu beach_hemingways poolside


Watamu beach_hemingways poolside2

As inviting as the pool looks, all I did was take pictures. Hopefully next time I’ll take a dip.

The next morning I left Timboni (where I had spent the night) for Watamu village. I had borrowed a bike the previous day and the plan was to ride along the beach with my friend so as to view the sunrise. My friend was a bit late, so I left without her. I ended up on the wrong side of the beach but eventually made it to the right side just in time.

Watamu beach_sun between rocks

How unique each sunrise is…this is the same beach I was on when I took the first picture.


Watamu beach_cows

Yes, those are cows. I didn’t expect to see a herd of cows on a beach.


Watamu beach_rocky island sunrise


Watamu beach_rocky island

Coral reef Island isolation s which are a few meters from the beaches and you can walk through the ocean to them when tides are low. The beach has extreme low tides at different times during the day.


Watamu beach_fishing boats

I had decided to wait for my friend when I saw the children playing on the beach next to some fishing boats.


Watamu beach_morning


Watamu beach_dog strolling on seaweed

It was during the low season so some sections of the beach were covered in seaweed and rather messy. During the high season it gets cleaned up and is pristine.


Watamu beach_guy with dog

Eventually my friend showed up and the man posing with the dog would not stop following us. We kept giving him one word answers but he would not take the hint. This is not at all uncommon at the coast. If you are a lone female it is guaranteed that a man will approach you and try to chat you up.


Watamu beach_bike and dog


Watamu beach_dog

We also met these 2 very friendly dogs; they were much better company than the stalker. I think their owner lives close to the beach. I love the bead-work on their collars.


Watamu beach_dog stroll


Watamu beach_dog stroll2

I imagine the dogs lead blissful lives. I know I would if I lived on such a beach.


Watamu beach_sun glare

We stayed on the beach way past the sunrise.  It is always so calming just to sit on the sand and listen to the waves breaking on the shore.


Watamu beach_sand stairway

Interesting use of driftwood.


Watamu beach_me on bike

My mode of transport.

I highly recommend a bike tour of Watamu. I had borrowed the bike from a friend but there is a shop in the village that rents out bikes.

Getting there;

The Coastal highway runs north of Mombasa all the way to Kenya’s northern frontier. Driving your own car or hired car as far as Malindi is very easy. There are regular buses and matatus along the North coast. Many hotels and resorts in this area have Mombasa shuttles or can arrange vehicle transfers. Private taxis from Mombasa will also take you to the North Coast beaches for an agreed fare. Malindi airport has daily scheduled flights to Mombasa, Nairobi and Lamu. The airport also serves Private Charters. There are scheduled flights to Malindi.

Post by Rachael

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34 Comments on “Watamu Beach; White sands, low tides

  1. Visited December 2012

    I was staying in Mtwapa but had to come all the way to Watamu for it’s beautiful white-sand beaches.
    I can attest, it is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

  2. I am in awe of how beautiful Watamu is! Honestly, I’ve never heard about it too much (almost never yikes) but this is now on my bucket list of places to visit. Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

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