Going to work is just a chore for some people. The sole joy they get out of it is their pay every month.

As you can probably imagine, this is no way to live. You can look for a job, which not only provides you with enough money to survive but also excite you. Think of your hobbies and the activities you enjoy doing in your free time and try to turn them into a real job.

If travelling is what makes you happy, then you’re lucky as I have compiled a list with 6 amazing jobs that are fun to do and require you to travel around the world.

Tour Guide

Do you like history? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Have you ever thought of becoming a tour guide? Researching and learning about monuments and archaeological sites in towns and cities in your own country or at places around the world and then sharing your knowledge with tourists can be a fun and rewarding job. A tour guide’s schedule may be very different every day and they should be approachable and positive at all times, but it is a job which helps you broaden your horizons as you get to travel a lot.

Travel Blogger

Another job where you have to plan trips, learn about the places you visit and share the experience with other people is travel blogging. Either you write articles on blogs or printed media, or scripts for videos, visiting fascinating places all around the world is the first step in order to do your job. Remember that travelling for work means that you have to be responsible in order to have a lot of photos and video clips of great quality so that you can use them in the final product that you make public to your fan base, meaning that those trips are not for you to relax and have fun. Well, don’t worry! You can check it out to ensure smooth editing for social media releases while traveling.

Camera Operator

A camera operator is responsible for recording all the necessary clips and scenes for a video production, like a TV show, a film, or a YouTube video. Camera operators need to know how to operate a camera and have a good understanding of lighting and angles in filming. The operator has to go at whichever location they are asked to and shoot multiple clips of the same scene.

Voice Actor

Have you taken acting or voice lessons? If yes, then you have the knowledge you need in order to become a voice actor. Making it in the film business is hard, but sites like voquent.com make it much easier since all you have to do is upload the perfect audio recording of you acting. Then, it is up to acting directors to find you. The only requirement is that you have a high-quality microphone, so that directors can hear your voice clearly and then ask you to go wherever the production of their project takes place.


Photo or runway models travel a lot as they need to go wherever their agency sends them so that they get a lot of experience and get the chance to work for big names in the industry. Paris, London, Rome and New York are the cities that most models dream of living in as the majority of famous fashion designers and fashion magazines have their headquarters there.


Do you speak at least two languages fluently? If you do, you can find a job as an interpreter. An interpreter translates what one person says in one language to another one as he or she speaks. Getting a degree in this job provides you with theories and techniques to prepare you for the job, but experience is the key to becoming a great interpreter. Interpreters work at conferences, hospitals, embassies and businesses, and they need to go wherever their services are needed.

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