Alex Kamau is just a few years into his journey as a creative, and he’s already carving out a distinct niche for himself. He is an incredibly talented photographer who not only produces gorgeous images but also an adventure traveler, capturing breathtaking landscapes in his own unique way.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Alex where he gives us a glimpse into how he approaches his passion for nature in general and photographing it.


A brief introduction … tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Alex Kamau, I am a creative with a specialty in Graphic design, Photography, and writing. I am an adventure freak who loves meeting new people and trying new experiences. I live to eat, Also I suck at small talk.

Embobut, Elgeyo Marakwet


Cherangany, Elgeyo Marakwet

How did you become involved in photography?

It was like 2 years ago when I found my deep calling in adventure and I realized that for me to best express my adventure experiences, photography would be the best medium.


Hiking in Gatamaiyu, Kiambu

How would you describe your style of photography? Do you specialize in any particular photography genre?

I am more into adventure /travel photography. That’s my area of interest at the moment.

Gibagare Quarry, in Wangige, Kiambu


Pristine environment, Githiga, Kiambu




Where do you get your creative inspiration from? Is there any other artist or photographer who inspired your art?

Nature is always my plug. I have no one photographer whom I try to emulate but I always try learning from other creatives whose work I admire.


Tea plantation in Karirana, Limuru


Kereita forest


Golden hour over Kijabe Hills, Kiambu

Going through your Instagram feed, it seems like you have a particular eye for adventure and a deep connection to nature. How important do you believe it is for a photographer to love the outdoors, not just the results?

There’s no such thing as accidental shots in photography. I used to tell myself that way. The best photos have stories behind them and that’s why for me to be a master of the outdoors that means I have to learn the pace of nature and dance to its rhythm.

Kinale forest



Materuni Waterfalls in Moshi Tanzania

Does photography influence where and how you travel? Or does where you travel influence your photography?

I believe it’s both ways. I do travel to places because I saw some good photos on Instagram. I also try my best to take good shots so that others would be inspired to travel to a particular destination on account of my perspective.

Scenic drive over tea plantations in Muna, Limuru


Nachu caves a hidden gem in Kikuyu, Kiambu County

What kit do you shoot with and what would you say are your essentials to have on a shoot?

I use a beginner Nikon D5300. It serves me well I would say. I have two lenses a 15~35mm and a 70~300mm and a tripod.

Nachu caves

You are the co-founder of ‘Lets Drift’, tell us what ‘Lets Drift’ is about …

Lets Drift is a community of guys who love adventure. It was founded shortly after finishing college about 2 years ago and I was trying to figure out my path in life. A friend of mine and I would meet up during weekends and go for adventures in what we termed “seeing the world before we change it”. For the first few months, we did it all by ourselves. Eventually, friends started to join us and that is how we formed the community.



How would you describe your experience traveling and photographing various destinations?

It’s the most exhilarating experience of all. At the moment as I write this we are planning a 4day hike from Ngong to Naivasha, my main role in the team is to document the experience the entire journey. Few people do stuff like this and that makes me excited to showcase this kind of adventure that is off the beaten path.

Ngong hills


Probably one of Kenya’s most scenic drives, Sigor, Elgeyo Marakwet

Do you have any favorite destination(s), tell us a couple of places that you just loved or surprised you – a place(s) you find yourself going back to.

I am not as well-traveled as I would want to or be expected to. I have spent the most time rediscovering my home county, Kiambu. My favorite place around is the breathtaking Kijabe hills. Last year I traveled in Elgeyo Marakwet and it knocked off my brains. I also did a solo to Moshi, Tanzania and the Waterfalls there took my breath.

Sigor, Elgeyo Marakwet


Sunset at Rironi, Limuru

Most (in your opinion) underrated destination?


View of the Nairobi skyline from Muna, Limuru

Are there places you’ve always wanted to explore, but haven’t yet had the opportunity/time?

Northern Kenya, the islands in Lake Victoria and Lamu

What would you say has been the most challenging aspect of what you do, and how have you managed to work around it?

FOMO (fear of missing out). I think even with what I have accomplished and places I have seen, there’s an inclination to feel like guys out there are doing more and traveling to more or better places than myself. I am learning to create and love my own adventures, be content and stop comparing myself with others.


What recommendations do you have for people interested in traveling across Kenya – places to go, things to see, places to photograph, etc.?

We are different for example beaches are not my thing, I am not into ‘luxury’ travel and prefer to go wild and avoid anything predictable. It’s important to know what sets your soul on fire. I don’t have specific places but I would say that if you love nature there is a whole lot of things waiting to be discovered.

At the rim of Mt Longonot crater

Is there any misconception of Kenya that you would like to debunk?

Kenya is so much more than wildlife safaris. We have amazing cultures, mind-blowing landscapes, buzzing festivals, fun-filled cities awesome beaches in the north, breathtaking waterfalls in the Aberdares, amazing views atop Mt Kenya and so much more

Parting shot … any final thoughts for our readers?

Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story. The world is opening up and the lies and misconceptions, especially about Africa, are slowly and steadily being debunked. It is a privilege being a traveler and storyteller which enables me to be open-minded and respectful of other people and their cultures besides my own.


Check out more about Alex Kamau, his travels and photography on Instagram @lets_drift.

Alex also offers Photography services and hikes and adventure travel packages around Nairobi and Kiambu. You can reach him on +254718718930 or send him a DM on Instagram @iamalexkamau


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