This morning I had a welcome break from the super early mornings. Nevertheless I did not want to leave my bed. We spent the night in Ken Mosa in Eldoret and having already missed two flights, our main agenda for the day was to make sure we catch our flight to Lodwar.

Unexpected Kenya_Ken Mosa.

The previous day we had met an artist by the name Ricky a.k.a. Rich Boy who earns his living by driving around the country and practicing his craft. Since it was too late for us to get anything done we decide to meet him the next day near his house where he would be doing some graffiti. Born in Isiolo, the 28 year old artist currently resides in the West Indies area of Eldoret with his wife and child.

Unexpected Kenya_Rich

As soon as we were done we went back to the car. We had spotted a homelesss looking man walking in our direction carrying a tiny jiko walking aimlessly. We barely paid him any attention but a few seconds later there was some commotion and Rich Boy and the man seem to be having an argument. A scuffle ensued, some punches were thrown and the man ran off. It turns out that the strange man had attempted to steal Rich’s wife’s phone.
Calm was soon restored and we were back on the road. After a quick meal at the Boma Inn we headed to the airport. We got there early enough and by 4pm we were on the way to Lodwar.

Unexpected Kenya_ Eldoret Airport


Unexpected Kenya_ farewell eldoretSaying goodbye to our driver Seronei

The flight was not at all pleasant, the ride was bumpy and the plane was really loud. Fly540 needs to invest in better planes. I disembarked feeling very nauseous and I am already dreading the flight back to Nairobi. They’re they only airline that fly this route. One good thing however, was reading an article about my blog in the in-flight magazine.

Unexpected Kenya_Inflight magazine


Unexpected Kenya_flight 540


Lodwar is hot, oppressively hot. We braved the heat and drove to a small village in the outskirts of Lodwar town where we were able to shoot a few images.

Unexpected Kenya_Chela


Unexpected Kenya_Turkana girl.

Tomorrow we start at 4 am, so I better get some good rest. Stick around, tomorrow as we journey across lodwar. Unexpected Kenya continues, follow the hashtag #UnexpectedKenya on twitter and my Instagram for regular updates.

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  1. Mike
    November 8, 2014 at 6:54 am — Reply

    One thing that REALLY caught my attention is YOU saying it was oppressively hot in your own country! Very awesome on your blog being mentioned in the in flight magazine Rachael! Ironic you should mention your flight as I’m assuming you were on the Bombardier Dash 8. I flew on different version for my FIRST flight ever in 20 years a few weekends ago…and they ARE loud and bumpy!! 🙂

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