This post is loooong overdue, in fact I am ashamed of mentioning when I traveled (but my Instagram will definitely sell me out). I honestly had every intention of blogging about the trip the weekend I got back but what can I say, life just got in the way.

Ordinarily I take the bus when travelling to Mombasa but this occasion I was fortunate to journey by plane courtesy of Heritage Hotels. Given the complaints I’ve heard from people flying with Jambojet (the airline I used for this flight), my journey was incident free, save for the nonexistent legroom.


Taking in the panoramic views of Mt Kilimanjaro.



Once I arrived in Mombasa, the hotel had arranged for an airport pickup.



The Voyager Beach Resort is nautical themed. From the bugle that is played when you enter the gate to the reception area which is fashioned after the bow of a ship. The resort blends into the natural environment and like so many of the hotels in Mombasa, has taken great care to respect their natural setting. The makuti (dried palm fronds) thatched roof have been designed to make the most of natural ventilation.

The porters were quite helpful and gave good orientation of the place, and the staff were super friendly welcoming guests like long lost friends. I was handed a cool face flannel and a refreshing cold drink on arrival, which was the perfect antidote from the sweltering Mombasa heat. After the refreshment, I went ahead and checked in, the process was seamless, quick and efficient. I was then issued with a wrist band and ushered to my room.


There is a total of 236 rooms so you are guaranteed to find one to suit your tastes.


I was situated in one of the superior sea view cabins of which there are two varieties.


Option one overlooks the activity pool and the beach. My room was right by the edge of the ocean, overlooking the ocean directly, all i had to do was to open my balcony to and step out to enjoy the beach. The décor won me over, it was just my style and totally suited the surroundings. Light airy and exuding all the beach vibes.






My room had both a shower and bathtub. I didn’t need the tub, with the hot weather it’s just more convenient to take a shower.





My first night at Voyager was pretty uneventful except of course for the Captain’s Dinner. The dinner is usually reserved for guests who have been frequenting the hotel for years. I obviously didn’t qualify, but I was in luck as it was one of the activities arranged by the hotel for us to partake in. Dinner started off with a few cocktails, we (I was with a group of travel bloggers) were then led to the garden area where a table had been set just for us. I truly felt special, the set up was amazing and to top it off there were customized menus with our names on them.

The 5 course candle lit dinner was amazing.

While we’re still on the topic of food this review would not be complete if I failed to mention Voyager Beach Resort’s all-inclusive package. The food experience added to the enjoyment.

The all-inclusive package offers you access to


This is the main restaurant. Meals are served at set times of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) buffet style – plentiful, varied, literally something for everyone. Fresh omelettes, eggs and pancakes for breakfast, cereals, fresh fruit as well as sausages. Lots of choice for lunch and dinner, tomatoes, beans, bacon, gorgeous soups , fresh pasta, salads, curries, chicken, vegetables, various rice dishes, fresh fruit and amazing deserts…the list is endless. Also cuisines from different countries depending on where the ship docks that day.





The Kaskazi Snack bar is open everyday from 10 AM to 6 PM. Service was exceptional throughout Voyager except at the Kaskazi Snack Bar where I had a less than pleasant experience. They got my order wrong (I clarified my order about 3 times and I ended up waiting for far too long for a simple meal of burger and fries from a waitress who acted like she didn’t want to serve me.



This restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine sadly I did not have enough time to visit.


Seafood lovers, this is the restaurant for you, seafood is on offer every day. If you’re on the all-inclusive package you are guaranteed a 50% discount on the meals. The restaurant is mainly open in the evenings though during my stay it was not in operation.



On top of this you have your choice of local drinks (both alcoholic and non- alcoholic). Chilled Wine and coctails flowed amazingly and the barman was open to make cocktails not listed on the list. You can also order your drinks and have them served at the infinity adult only pool.



Tranquil, relaxing, surrounded by ocean and well groomed palm fringed gardens, the ocean view bar is the best sport to enjoy an afternoon while sipping on those decadent cocktails.


There is no shortage of activities to do at the resort. The swimming pools will have you wriggling into your swimsuit in no time. The activity pool is the largest of the three.




The other pool is right by the Kaskazi snack bar and the infinity pool which is restricted to adults only.




The beach in Voyager is the picture-postcard place – think of turquoise, tropical waters lapping coconut palm-lined white sand beach. A walk by the beach is a must if you visit the resort, you can walk for some distance in the beach when the tide is low. The sea is so warm and ideal to swim in. Camel rides are also available on the beach.





The Swahili Lounge offers an ideal escape from the resilient coastal heat that can often times be overwhelming. This quiet spot is filled with Swahili style furniture and daybeds that offer a splendid relaxation.




As a mostly solo traveler I never pay much attention to whether resorts are child friendly or not. I have gotten a couple of requests asking for child friendly resort recommendations, so I was really keen on reviewing the Voyager Beach Resort for this particular reason.

I found out that the Voyager is a conducive family hotel – dedicated to accommodate just everyone, from families with children to solo travelers. The Voyager Beach Resort has an Adventurers’ club – an area that is dedicated to kids with activities to cater for the entire family. Such as a fun pool for children and a dedicated animation team which does a fantastic job of taking care of children ages 4 and above and for the whole day! You can rest (or rather relax) assured that your children are in the safe hands of experienced Adventurers’ Club staff.








The voyager offered the ultimate destination for relaxation with beach lounging, gift shopping and massages at the massage parlor.






All in all I quite enjoyed my stay at the Voyager. Would I go back? Definitely. It even got my picky sister’s stamp of approval. She stayed there with my nephew (aged 3) and niece (aged 6) and would definitely go back as well. Come and experience the diverse pleasures of Voyager for yourself. This resort offers the perfect holiday escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. I must add the hotel is surprisingly affordable given the quality of the accommodation and the caliber of staff. So the next time you want to visit the Kenyan coast, why not give the Voyager a try? Great location and also very close to visitor attractions in Mombasa town such as Haller park and Fort Jesus.

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  1. January 30, 2017 at 1:08 am — Reply

    The hotel looks lovely and very spacious. I like the nautical theme and beachfront rooms.

  2. Manesha
    January 30, 2017 at 10:30 am — Reply

    Comments from the picky sister..Finally!!! Long over due. So what are the chances that I remember the waiter who’s photo has featured on the blog? He was the only one who cared about the service at the snack bar, everyone else operated as if we needed to beg them for service. I loved loved Voyager. The lounge being the best thing since sliced bread and that the internet was reliable -I had to work through my vacay :(… The children’s club was great, very patient chaperones I must admit, I did get to send Ian though, under age. I can’t wait till he is 4 to join the foray. This is a very affordable family friendly hotel. I would refer everyone I know to stay here. Just remember to book early, it is fully booked during the holiday season.

  3. January 30, 2017 at 7:22 pm — Reply

    Rachel, What a gorgeous place to spend the weekend. I would love to go here.

  4. February 17, 2017 at 10:18 pm — Reply

    Absolutely beautiful setting and images. I wouldn’t mind spending time there for sure!!??

  5. February 27, 2017 at 4:30 am — Reply

    The photos are breathtaking, Rachel! This resort is such a gorgeous place to stay, you must have enjoyed a lot!

  6. May 15, 2017 at 9:40 am — Reply

    A great destination for relaxation. Your images are beautiful and elegant. Keep it up.

  7. Tayyab
    June 7, 2020 at 11:15 pm — Reply

    I visit this resort everything is wonderful ❤️

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