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Watamu Marine Park

Sam says he’ll take us to see sharks tomorrow. I was in Watamu visiting a friend and when she said that this is what ran through my mind -‘’Sharks? They’re sharks in Watamu?’’  I was already picturing myself in one of those cages in a scuba suit surrounded by sharks. Ummmmm yeah, that didn’t happen. I did get to swim with the fishies though.

Boat_Watamu marine parkBoarding the “millenium boat”

The best thing about visiting Watamu in the low season is that the beach is blissfully empty. I am not great with words and I always wonder how to best describe places I write about so that you guys can at least have an idea of how I feel. Until I learn I’ll have to let the pictures do most of the talking.

Beach_Watamu marine parkPristine beaches

We were off before midday or thereabouts. It was during low tide. Ok onto the practicalities now. Getting to the marine park is pretty simple. Most of the hotels organise boats to take their guests. If you’re on your own you can simply go to the marine park offices and you’ll be directed to the boats. Get ready to bargain your ass off if you want a good deal. Naturally it will cost you more if you’re alone so what I have found works best is splitting the cost with friends.

Millenium boat_Watamu marine parkThe “millenium boat”

For your survival kit you’ll need sunscreen, water, bread (to feed the fish and to eat if that tickles your fancy) and something to snack on but please carry all your litter with you when you leave.

Island_Watamu marine parkChilling in the Island

After swimming with the fish the boat took us to an island that only appears during the low tide.it was so tranquil, basking on the beach on the middle of the ocean.

Octopus_Watamu marine parkThat’s an octopus in his hand

Other than paying for the boat you will also need to pay KWS to get into the marine park. Here is a handy link to all the charges for KWS parks

(http://www.kws.org/export/sites/kws/tourism/downloads/2013_Conservation_Fees.pdf ). I’ll put the charges at the end of the post.

Before we got to the island we had a swim in the ocean with the fish. As compared to my experience in Mombasa Marine Park I didn’t like the swimming bit very much. The water was choppy and there were large areas with lots of rugged coral and the water wasn’t very clear. If you are not a strong swimmer I wouldn’t advise getting into the water.

anchor_Watamu marine parkAnchoring the boat.

On our way back we stopped by turtle rock. I don’t think there is anything turtle-y about the rock. Maybe it’s just me

Turtle rock_Watamu marine parkTurtle Rock

The whole trip took about 1.5 hours.

 Beach 2_Watamu marine parkThe beach itself is magnificent – white sand, very clean, warm water for swimming.

East African citizens

Kids Kshs 100

Adults Kshs 100

East African residents

KidsKshs 300

AdultsKshs 150


Non residents

Kids USD 10

Adults USD 15

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    Your photos are always so beautiful, they make me feel I’m actually there!

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