A favorite on the safari circuit, Zambia is a unique destination, offering wildlife watching opportunities by road, river and on foot, as well as adrenaline activities at the legendary Victoria Falls.

Here are just a few reasons why we believe you should pick Zambia for your next safari holiday:


World-Class National Parks

Zambia’s huge national parks are overflowing with wildlife, offering some of the best game viewing in Africa.


South Luangwa is noted for night game drives, North Luangwa is where you’ll find Zambia’s rhino population, Lower Zambezi is famous for romantic sunset rivers cruises, whilst off-the-beaten-path Kafue is Zambia’s largest and oldest national park, where you can enjoy the wilderness all to yourself.


Walking Safaris

Zambia is the birthplace of the walking safari and many of the country’s national parks offer this unique perspective on wildlife watching.


Get up close and personal to gentle giants such as giraffes and elephants, take a more detailed look into Zambia’s flora and fauna such as small reptiles and insects, and then learn how to track big game with your knowledgeable safari guide.


Due to the popularity of walking safaris, Zambia’s safari guides are some of the most highly trained on the continent because of the specific detail needed for this activity.


Night Game Drives

South Luangwa is one of the few national parks in the whole of Africa that allows game drives after dark. This rare opportunity allows keen safari enthusiasts to observe nocturnal creatures, especially nighttime predators such as big cats, which truly come alive after sunset.

With the help of your safari vehicle’s spotlights, look out for lions, leopards, civet, genet, owls, spotted hyenas and the African wild dog (sometimes called painted dog or painted wolf).




Big Five Game

Zambia is a Big Five safari destination, with populations of lions, leopards, buffalo and elephants found at most national parks, making this country the perfect place to tick off your Africa big game bucket list.


Sadly, rhino were wiped out of the Luangwa region by 1987, but after a successful re-introduction program in 2003 they can now be found in the remote North Luangwa National Park. North Luangwa was originally only open to researchers and conservationists, which is why this unspoiled wilderness was chosen for the re-introduction of endangered black rhino back into Zambia’s national parks.


Endangered Species

Zambia boasts populations of some of the most rare African wildlife species, including a number of endangered animals.


Endangered mammals to look out for include the re-introduced black rhino, the African wild dog, several antelope species (including roan, oribi and suni), honey badger, pangolin and aardvark. Endangered birds to keep your eyes peeled for include the Egyptian vulture, Cape vulture, lappet-faced vulture and bateleur eagle.



River Activities

Despite being a landlocked country, Zambia’s rich wildlife habitats are fueled by a trio of rivers – the Kafue, the Luangwa and the Zambezi – which converge into the Zambezi to feed the thundering Victoria Falls.

Popular river activities to enjoy in Zambia include canoe safaris, fishing excursions and sunset river cruises, where you can watch big game come to drink at the water’s edge, as well as encounter bathing pods of hippos and lurking crocodiles.


Victoria Falls

Zambia shares the world’s largest waterfall with neighboring Zimbabwe and you can take a trip here to hop over the border to see this natural wonder from both sides. Known as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, you can enjoy Victoria Falls in a multitude of ways.


Take hike along one of the footpaths for epic views and get a face full of Zambezi spray, fly over the falls on a helicopter tour to get bird’s eye views and appreciate just how vast and magnificent the cascades truly are, then test your bravery with a swim out to the precariously-placed Devil’s Pool – a natural pool perched on the top of the waterfall, allowing you to swim right to the edge without being swept over.



Under the Radar

Despite all of these amazing reasons to visit Zambia, the country is still quite under the radar in comparison to big name safari destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.


A trip to Zambia is being let in one of the continent’s best kept secrets, where you can experience a truly wild safari in “real” Africa.

Visit Zambia

To learn more about travel to this incredible wildlife-watching destination, visit our Zambia safari holidays page for informative guides, itinerary suggestions and accommodation options. Or, visit our safari holidays page to discover more amazing African safari destinations.

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