Are you hoping to save money on airline tickets or trying to put together a luxury vacation?

Airfare represents one of the biggest aspects of a trip’s cost, finding that hidden cheap flight deal is just as crucial as the trip itself. If you want to fly cheap you’ve got to be smart, cheap fares are out there if you know how to find them.

Here are a few factors to consider when searching for cheap flights.

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Airline prices are unpredictable

You can’t predict airline prices. Flight companies nowadays rely on advanced computer and pricing algorithms to estimate the expected demand and thus determine prices. Prices vary depending on the time of the year, passenger demand, number of seats available, cancellations, weather, major events/festivals, and time of day, competitor prices, and much more.

Ticket prices will usually rise the closer you get to the date of the flight, but can by chance drop suddenly.

Be flexible with your travel dates and times

Flexibility when booking airline tickets is a significant element if you purpose to get a cheap flight.

Airline ticket prices vary greatly depending on the day of the week, time of year, major events and upcoming holidays. If you are going to fly when everyone is flying, then you’re the ticket is obviously going to cost more.

The more flexible you are the more likely you are to stumble upon cheaper tickets. For example, it is always cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than on a weekend, because most people travel on the weekends and airlines hike their prices then. Prices are also cheaper for overnight flights and immediately after major holidays.

Use Flight search sites

In addition to the option of booking directly with your airline, there are dozens of flight booking websites, to choose from. Booking websites help you compare airfares from different airlines around your selected date. No one flight search engine can guarantee the best price 100 percent of the time, there are however some good options out there like which offers the best flight deals connecting the major cities in India.

An example is the Madurai and Chennai flight. The route has 4 operational airlines. In a week, around 53 flights travel from Madurai to Chennai. The travel duration between these cities in a non-stop flight is usually around 01h 25m.

The site is pretty self-explanatory offering a quick, simple, and hassle-free ticket booking experience.

Beach in Chennai India. Image by sudeshkumar07 from Pixabay 

Book early

Airline fares will keep rising the closer you get to departure, but be on the lookout for that sweet spot when the airlines either lower or increase fares based on demand. Avoid the last-minute rush but don’t book very far in advance either.

Try booking flight tickets just a month or two prior, if you are going to your destination during their peak season. You are guaranteed to get the cheapest fare.

Mix and Match Airlines

There are so many budget airlines around the world and taking advantage of a good deal to a particular city and then connecting on a budget flight to your destination

Make sure you have ample time between connections as booking tickets on different airlines will mean that if there is a mishap or delay on one flight, you can easily

This method will require a substantial amount of effort on your part as you have to compare lots of different routes and check different airlines while taking into account that

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